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This illustrates both the powerful nature of the queen, as well as the dangers of opening lines to your king in the early part of the game. White could have avoided this mess, but instead violated the basic opening principles of controlling the center of the board and maintaining king safety. A better approach would have been for White to advance its central pawns, which could have helped control the middle of the board, allowing its knights and bishops to safely enter play.

Pawn moves in the opening phase of the game are important, but they must serve a purpose. Understanding these principles will help you avoid suffering the humiliating Fool's Mate.

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In This Article Expand. A Weak First Move. Black's Responding Move.

Checkmate (New Earth) | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

White's Next Mistake. Black Checkmates White.

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Read More. In Anastasia's mate , a knight and rook team up to trap the opposing king between the side of the board on one side and a friendly piece on the other. In Anderssen's mate named for Adolf Anderssen , the rook or queen is supported by a diagonally attacking piece such as a pawn or bishop as it checkmates the opposing king along the eighth rank. Sometimes a distinction is drawn between Anderssen's mate, where the rook is supported by a pawn which itself is supported by another piece, as in the diagram , and Mayet's mate , where the rook is supported by a distant bishop.

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In the Arabian mate , the knight and the rook team up to trap the opposing king on a corner of the board. The rook sits on a square adjacent to the king both to prevent escape along the diagonal and to deliver checkmate while the knight sits two squares away diagonally from the king to prevent escape on the square next to the king and to protect the rook. There are two points to why the Arabian mate is both unique and significant: 1 It is mentioned in ancient Arabic manuscripts.

This was before chess had migrated to Europe and the queen was later given its current powers of movement. The back-rank mate occurs when a rook or queen checkmates a king that is blocked in by friendly pieces usually pawns on his first rank. The bishop and knight checkmate occurs when the king teams up with a bishop and knight to force the opponent king to the corner of the board.

The bishop and knight endgame can be difficult to master: some positions may require up to 34 moves of perfect play before checkmate can be delivered. Blackburne's mate is named for Joseph Henry Blackburne and is a rare method of checkmating. The checkmate utilizes the black rook it could be a bishop or queen instead to confine the black king's escape to the f8-square.

One of the bishops confines the black king's movement by operating at a distance, while the knight and the other bishop operate within close range. The name of this pattern is attributed to Polish master Dawid Janowski who referred to doubled rooks on a player's 7th rank as "swine". For this type of mate, the rooks on White's 7th rank can start on any two files from a to e , and although black pawns are commonly present as shown, they are not necessary to effect the mate.

The second diagram shows final position after checkmate. In the book, My System , Nimzowitsch refers to this type of mate as: "The seventh rank, absolute. In Boden's mate two attacking bishops on criss-crossing diagonals deliver mate to a king obstructed by friendly pieces, usually a rook and a pawn. The Box mate is one of the four basic checkmates along with Queen mate, king and two bishops checkmate, and bishop and knight checkmate.

It occurs when the side with the king and rook box in the bare king to the corner or edge of the board. The mate is delivered by the rook along the edge rank or file, and escape towards the centre of the board is blocked by the king. The Corner mate is a common method of checkmating.


It works by confining the king to the corner using a rook or queen with a pawn blocking the final escape square and using a knight to engage the checkmate. Cozio's mate is a common method of checkmating. It was named after a study by Carlo Cozio , published in Another name for this mate is Dovetail mate. It involves trapping the black king in the pattern shown. It does not matter how the queen is supported and it does not matter which type Black's other two pieces are so long as neither is an unpinned knight. See also Swallow's tail mate.

Damiano's bishop mate is a classic method of checkmating. The checkmate utilizes a queen and bishop, where the bishop is used to support the queen and the queen is used to engage the checkmate. The checkmate is named after Pedro Damiano. Damiano's mate is a classic method of checkmating and one of the oldest.

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  4. It works by confining the king with a pawn and using a queen to initiate the final blow. Damiano's mate is often arrived at by first sacrificing a rook on the h-file, then checking the king with the queen on the h-file, and then moving in for the mate. The checkmate was first published by Pedro Damiano in The David and Goliath mate is a common method of checkmating. Although the David and Goliath mate can take many forms, it is characterized generally as a mate in which a pawn is the final attacking piece and where enemy pawns are nearby.

    The diagram above shows a bishop and knight working together to trap a castled king. White's own pieces block most of his king's potential escape squares, while the well-placed Black bishop takes away g2 and h1. As White's king has no way to escape, a check by Black's knight will certainly spell the end for White. Even the smallest members of a chess army can participate in checkmating an enemy king. In the right circumstances, pawns can be very dangerous attackers. The diagram above shows an endgame position where such a mate is possible. The "smothered mate" occurs in cases where a king is too well defended for its own good.

    The ingredients are simple; a king usually in the corner of the board which is completely entombed by his own pieces, is attacked by a knight which can jump over the defenders to threaten the king. Because the king has nowhere to run, the result is a checkmate. In the diagram above, White's king is already stuck on h1, as his own pieces prevent him from moving anywhere. For Black, it's just a matter of moving the knight to the right square. Anastasia's Mate is a checkmate delivered by rook and knight along one of the rook files the a-file or the h-file.

    This checkmate was originally seen in the novel Anastasia und das Schachspiel or Anastasia and the Game of Chess.

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    While several beautiful combinations can lead to the finale, the mate is just one move away in the position above. White has just delivered a check with the knight, causing Black to play Kh7 in an attempt to escape. The rook attacks the entire h-file, while White's knight prevents the Black king from escaping to g8 or g6. Morphy's Mate, named after American master Paul Morphy , uses a bishop and rook together to trap the enemy king.

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    Often, this pattern occurs after sacrifices are used to open up the king's position, although it can also occur or be threatened without the sacrifice of material. In the diagrammed position, Black's king is stuck on h8, pinned down by White's rook and his own pawn on h7. These basic checkmates, along with dozens of similar positions, are second nature to tournament chess players.

    Solving these and other simple mate-in-one problems is a good way to train your brain to recognize these positions when they occur in real games.

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    If you can get to the point where the answers come to you instantly, you can feel confident that you won't miss these opportunities in actual games. In This Article Expand. Back-rank Checkmate.