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  1. A scientific look at those, like racers, who seek out risky/dangerous situations.
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  3. Thrill Seeker Ocean Racer, Larnaca: Address, Phone Number, Thrill Seeker Ocean Racer Reviews: 5/5

You can test your own habits by taking ingenie's interactive thrill seeker quiz by clicking here. Thrill seeking tendencies mean that the driver has an urge to increase their excitement levels — i. Personality factors may influence the way a driver behaves behind the wheel. There are many personality characteristics that may influence driving style but one of the main ones is your thrill seeking tendencies.

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As young males tend to have stronger sensation seeking characteristics and they are also more likely to be involved in crashes, many studies have shown a link between increased risk taking amongst young male drivers. There is a physical explanation for the tendency referred to as 'sensation seeking'. According to Dr Dorn, it's related to stronger electrodermal sweating, in other words and heart-rate responses, and cortical evoked potential arousal - stronger brain 'spikes' in response to stimulating material - when sensation seekers are provided with stimuli that are novel and intense, and when the stimulus significance is important.

This means high sensation seekers tend to provide a stronger physiological response than low sensation seekers to novel stimuli. It's likely to be a combination of 'nature' - born with the predisposition to seek stimulation - and 'nurture' with the roles of parents and peers being influential. But all behaviour can be modified and corrected - no matter how well ingrained! The determining factor is motivation to change it. However, while fast drivers can change their behaviour, slower drivers can change too. Potentially fatal incidents such as crashes can clearly demonstrate when the urge for thrills and adrenaline has gone too far.

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A scientific look at those, like racers, who seek out risky/dangerous situations.

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Counter Intuitive Records - Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Cosmic Thrill Seekers

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Thrill Seeker Ocean Racer, Larnaca: Address, Phone Number, Thrill Seeker Ocean Racer Reviews: 5/5

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